Upload Multiple Photos to Facebook: A Tutorial

How to Post More Than One Picture

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The multiple photos Facebook challenge can be perplexing: Namely, how do you post more than one photo to Facebook at the same time and have them all appear in the same status update?

What frustrated many users for a long time was the fact that you really couldn't upload more than one photo at the same time using the status update box, unless you first created a photo album. And posting a photo album has its own challenges, but it's definitely the best option for batch uploading photos to the social network.

But fortunately, Facebook eventually changed its photo uploader to allow you to click and upload multiple photos in the same status update -- without creating an album. So if you're only posting two to five images, this is a fine option. If you have more images to post, it's a good idea to create an album.

Posting Photos Through Status Updates

First, a word about posting standalone photos through the status publisher box. To post a single photo, click "add photo/video" in the menu above the status publisher box, then click "upload photo/video" and "choose file" to navigate through your computer's hard drive and click "choose" once you have highlighted the image you want to upload. (This method is basically the same whether you are uploading one or more photos.)

Once you've picked your photo, the Facebook status update box will reappear, with the name of your file showing next to the image you have selected.

If you want to write something about your photo and have that text appear with it in the update that your friends will see in their news feeds, then write your message now in the status box. When you're done, click "post" (but don't click "post" until you've written your text update or the two won't be married together).

Before clicking "post," you can click the "choose file" button again and navigate your hard drive to select an additional image. Or you can hold down the "shift" key the first time you go to select a photo, and then right-click on multiple images and insert them all at once into your status.

Adding Multiple Photos to a Facebook Album

If you want to post two or more photos together in a single update that will appear in your friends' news feeds, you have another option, namely:

Create a Photo Album: The easiest way to post multiple photos to Facebook is to create a photo album, upload multiple photos to that album, and then publish the album as a status update. You can start by going through the status update box as if you were going to write an update or post a single photo, click "add photo/video" and then "create photo album." Next click "select photos to upload," navigate to the images on your computer's hard drive. and click the various images you want to upload, by holding down your "command" or "control" key while clicking on each image. Click the "open" or choose button to post them to your photo album once you have all the images selected.

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