Find Your Sims 3 Registration Code

If you've lost your game case, there are ways to get your serial number back.

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If you lost your Sims 3 registration code, there are ways to get it the code (sometimes called a 'key') back. Keep in mind that some people who are asking for a registration code might be from losing it, but it could also be because the copy of the game they are playing was downloaded from a warez site (and therefore not a legal copy). Remember, never give out your registration code. So, if you have a legal copy, here are some tips on getting that code back.

If you are trying to get a serial number for something other than "The Sims," try these tips for retrieving keys, or read our help finding your "The Sims 2" serial.

Getting Your Key Back

  1. If you registered your game on The Sims site, you can check your profile for the keys.
  2. Download a Product Key Finder program for free.
  3. Check the registry for the code is also an easy way. Be very careful not to change anything in the registry. You could create problems with other programs.
    • a. Select Run from the Start Menu.
    • b. Type - regedit and click OK
    • c. For The Sims go to: Hkey Local Machine/Software/Electronic Arts/Maxis/The Sims/ergc.
    • d. For Living Large go to: Hkey Local Machine/Software/Electronic Arts/Maxis/The Sims Livin' Large/ergc.
    • e. For House Party go to: Hkey Local Machine/Software/Electronic Arts/Maxis/The Sims House Party/ergc.
    • f. On the right side, you will see a file called default. Double click that, and there's your registration key!
  1. If all else fails, you'll have to contact Electronic Arts about a serial replacement.

Tips for Storing Serial Numbers

  1. Keep your keys in a text file, and always keep the newest version backed up on a floppy or CD.
  2. Write the key on the CD.
  3. Keep a notebook of keys.
  4. Write it in the manual.
  5. Send an email to yourself with the key. This is especially useful if you use web-based email. That way in case of an emergency format, you'll be able to retrieve it.