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IP address is the start of the private IP address range that includes all addresses through

Why Computers and Routers Do Not Use as Their Address

Each Internet Protocol (IP) network consists of a continuous range of addresses. The first address number in the range serves a special purpose in IP, used by the protocol to designate the network as a whole. These so-called network numbers normally end in zero (".0").

An address like becomes unusable for any other purpose once it is established as a network number. If an administrator attempts assigning to any device on that network as a static IP address, for example, the overall network will stop functioning until that device is taken offline.

Note that can still theoretically be used as a device address if that network set up with a very large address range (for example, a network that spans from through That's why devices having IP addresses ending in zero are very rarely seen on networks - with the exception of, indicative of network failures.

How Big is the Network?

The size of the network depends on the network mask chosen  For example,

  • represents the private network with IP address range through
  • represents the range through
  • represents the range through

Home broadband routers that run on the network most commonly have as their configuration. These routers then normally use as their local gateway address.

How Works

The dotted decimal notation of IP address converts the actual binary numbers used by computers into a human readable form.

 The binary number corresponding to is

11000000 10101000 00000000 00000000

Being a private IPv4 network address, ping tests or any other connection from the Internet or other outside networks cannot be routed to it. As a network number, this address is used in routing tables and by routers to share their network information with each other.

Alternatives to

Home routers are more often installed on the network (with local address than on the network. Many other addresses ending in zero can conceivably be used instead; the choice is a matter of convention.