Over App: Typography for Mobile Photographers

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Adding text to your photos for your social media can be done easily. There's an app for that.  The one that I highly recommend is Over.  It's available for both iPhone and Android for $3.99. 

If you love typography and fonts and adding text to your pictures, you will definitely appreciate this app.  It has a large collection of fonts that come standard in the free download and adds a lot more when and if you take advantage of their in-app purchases.

 These in-app purchases can get a bit spend at the end of it all as each bundle is $.99 or bundled in a larger bundle for $4.99.

Get the Party Started

When Over first came onto the scene it had a really simple interface. Choose your image, overlay the text, choose the font, choose the color, choose placement then save and share.  This was a few years back and Instagram was inundated by images with Over influence.

The home screen gives you a few choices right off the bat with the swipe the wheel motion at the bottom of the screen (in portrait mode) and at the right hand (in landscape mode): Add On, Background, Text, and Artwork.  Once you choose your background (this is where it opens up your camera roll) you can then start to "over"lay the text of your choice (Text). You can first type by double tapping the center of the image and inputting your text.  Once you've completed your text you can then choose the font - size - color - opacity - rotate - spacing - alignment - nudge.

Once you hit "done" you can then see what you have done so far.  At the top you will find these functions; menu - undo - layers - save.  It's pretty self-explanatory.  Once you get acclimated to each feature it can become second nature. It's not as user friendly as its prior versions, but it's not really difficult to learn quickly.

The Over Darkroom

Over has editing functions and is not just for those passionate about typography.  There are quite a few features that come free in the download.  Some of the notable features that I've used; Filters - Cropping - Drop Shadow (for text) - Blur.  All of the features can be activated individually or you can activate the Pro Kit and get all of the tools.


Over has a plethora of fonts.  One can almost get overwhelmed with the font selection. Unless you are a font fiend, the fonts included with the free download is more than enough.  If you are an addict for fonts, you can purchase the big bundle for $4.99 and save yourself about $15.

The font process (outside of choosing the actual font) is quick and easy.  The experience is instant and you are able to see exactly what the final product will be.

Along with the typography, comes it's themed fonts and wingdings.  You can find this under their "Art Work" features.  For instance the "Love Bundle" includes everything and anything you can think of that will help you create images that are Valentine themed.  This includes text and art work.

Sharing is Caring

Over makes it easy to share your works of art across many social media platforms.

 Over provides you with sharing through: iMessage - Email - PDF to iBooks - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook.  If you have other social networks such as EyeEm or another social platform you can turn it on and it will include it next time you share your creation.

Word Up! My Final Word

Over is a great app for adding typography into your mobile photography repertoire.  It can be addictive if you enjoy overlaying text over your images.  You really have everything you need including basic editing.  It's quick and seamless.  It still has some bugs even though its on its nth iteration but I'm sure with such a robust font and photo editor, these bugs will be fixed.

Over is a must have app for those who love to add that extra message/story in your imaging.