Netflix Unveils Latest ISP Speed League Tables

Who comes out on top?

Video streaming giant Netflix is now in the habit of releasing monthly statistics of the speeds the world’s internet service providers (ISPs) deliver while streaming its video content at peak usage times. And it’s now released the information its servers recorded during September 2015.

This sort of information is, of course, potentially hugely useful for anyone trying to decide which ISP to go for in areas where there’s a wide choice of alternative operators.

So let’s have a look at the highlights of Netflix’s latest ISP revelations. 

The fastest ISP in the US for September was Verizon FiOS. This saw Verizon moving back to first place after slipping into second in August, managing to raise its average speed from 3.64Mbps to 3.75Mbps.

Verizon reclaimed the top spot by the thinnest of margins from Cox, which delivered an average Netflix streaming speed of 3.72Mbps. This also actually marked an increase over its August performance of 3.67Mbps.

No change from 3 to 6

The next four placings on the US ISP speed league table remain unchanged from the August measurements. Third spot goes to Cablevision - Optimum, with a speed of 3.69Mbps. In fourth is Bright House with 3.67Mbps; fifth is Time Warner Cable with 3.59Mbps; and sixth is Charter with 3.57Mbps.

There’s movement for Mediacom in 8th place, though, as it rises two places with 3.54Mbps to go above Comcast (3.52Mbps) and Suddenlink (3.49Mbps).


That concludes the US top 10, with the only movement in the places below seeing Windstream moving up one place into 13th with 2.39Mbps at the expense of Frontier.

Canada results

Where Canada is concerned, the top five providers line up like this: 1. Bell Canada - Fiber Optic (3.78Mbps), 2. Bell Aliant - Fiber Optic (3.67Mbps), 3.

MTS - Fiber Optic (3.66Mbps), 4. Videotron (3.63Mbps), and 5. Show (3.57Mbps). The only movement in this top five sees Bell Aliant just nudging above MTS.

The full league tables for the US and Canada can be found here and here respectively.

Looking at the results for other countries where Netflix now operates, Japan - where Netflix became available for the first time in September - managed a national average streaming speed from its various ISPs of 3.62Mbps, putting it in 11th place on the global league table. Japan’s fastest provider was UCOM, with an average speed of 3.99Mbps. 

UK Results

In the UK Virgin tops the table with 3.99Mbps - though this represents a slight reduction in speed versus August’s 4.02Mbps. BT holds steady in second place with 3.70Mbps - exactly the same speed it managed in August. Plusnet holds on to 3rd and fractionally increases its performance to 3.42Mbps, while the final three league table spots are taken by TalkTalk (3.38Mbps), Sky (3.31Mbps) and EE (3.24Mbps). 

The country enjoying the fastest average Netflix speed (4.12Mbps) is Belgium, while the slowest average service (1.82Mbps) is received by Netflix subscribers in Costa Rica. 

If you want to get your streaming devices hooked up to the world’s fastest individual Netflix ISP then you’ll have to emigrate to Switzerland.

For it’s here that you’ll find ImproWare, serving up an average peak time Netflix speed of 4.54Mbps. 

If I haven’t covered the Netflix speed data for your particular part of the world don’t worry; Netflix has as ever put all of its latest speed league tables in the public domain on its website. Just follow this link and either type your country into the location search field or find your territory on the global map. If you scroll down below the map on this page you can also find summaries of different country’s/continent’s national average rates.