What is a MODD File?

What's a MODD File and How Do You Open One?

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A file with the MODD file extension is a Sony Video Analysis file, created by some Sony camcorders. They're used by the Sony's PlayMemories Home (PMH) program's Video Analysis feature to manage the files once they've been imported to a computer.

MODD files store things like GPS information, the time and date, ratings, comments, labels, thumbnail images, and other details. They're normally accompanied by MOFF files, THM files, image files, and M2TS or MPG video files.

A MODD file might look something like filename.m2ts.modd to indicate that the MODD file describes details on an M2TS file.

Note: Don't confuse a MODD file with a MOD file (with one "D"), which, among other formats, might very well be an actual video file. A MOD video file is called a Camcorder Recorded Video file.

How To Open a MODD File

MODD files are generally associated with videos imported from Sony camcorders, so the files can be opened with Sony's Picture Motion Browser Software or PlayMemories Home (PMH).

The PMH tool creates MODD files when it groups together still images or when the software imports AVCHD, MPEG2, or MP4 video files.

How To Convert a MODD File

Since MODD files are descriptive files used by PlayMemories Home, and aren't the real video files taken from the camera, you cannot convert them to MP4, MOV, WMV, MPG, or any other file format.

You can, however, convert the actual video files (the M2TS, MP4, etc.) to these formats with one of these Free Video Converter Programs and Online Services.

Although it won't be of much use with the software I mentioned above, you might also be able to convert a MODD file to a text-based format like TXT or HTM, using the free Notepad++ text editor.

Note: Like I said above, MODD files are not the same as MOD files, which are actual video files. If you need to convert a MOD file to MP4, AVI, WMV, etc., you can use a free video converter like Free Studio, Windows Live Movie Maker, or Prism Video Converter.

Why PMH Creates MODD Files

Depending on the version of Sony's PMH software that you're using, you may see hundreds or even tens of thousands of MODD files stored alongside your image/video files. The software creates MODD files for every video and image that runs through it so it can store date and time information, your comments, etc. This means that they're most likely created each and every time new media files are imported from your camera.

Now, as I explained above, there is a real reason for the software to use these files, but it is completely safe to remove the MODD files if you want to - you don't have to keep them on your computer if you don't plan to use the PlayMemories Home program to organize your files. 

If you do remove the MODD files, PMH will just regenerate them the next time they're imported from the camera. If you have no use for the PlayMemories Home program, you can uninstall it to prevent any more MODD files from being created.

Note: If you plan to remove PlayMemories Home, I recommend using a free uninstaller tool to make sure every reference of the software is deleted so that no more MODD files will show up on your computer.

More Help With MODD Files

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Let me know what kinds of problems you're having with opening or using the MODD file and I'll see what I can do to help.

Remember, it's completely safe to remove the MODD files - you won't lose any videos that way. Just don't remove the other files!