Why Your iPhone Icons Are Shaking

iPhone icons

Last Updated:  Aug. 5, 2014

It can look like something's gone wrong—all of the icons on your iPhone's screen shaking and wriggling like they're doing a dance—but everything's actually fine. Your iPhone is supposed to do that sometimes. The question is: why is it doing that and how do you make it stop?

What It's For

If you've ever rearranged the apps on your screen, or deleted an app from your phone, you've seen your icons shaking before.

That's because shaking icons are a sign that the iPhone is in the mode that lets you move or delete apps.

For instance, notice the little X icon in the top left corner of the app? If you were to tap that, you'd delete that app and its data from your phone (if you just did that, don't worry; you can always re-download the app from the App Store for free).

If, instead of tapping the X, you were to tap and hold on the icon, it would get slightly larger. You could then drag the app around your home screen to a new location (dropping it there will move the app), or put it into or take it out of a folder.

What Causes It

Knowing what the shaking icons means is useful, but the question is: what causes icons to start wriggling in the first place? It's very simple: tapping and holding for a few seconds on any app icon will start up the rearrange/delete mode. This works the same way no matter what version of the iOS you're running (as long as it's above 1.1.3, that is, but I suspect you're more modern than that, right?).

How To Stop It

Getting your icons to stop moving and returning your iPhone to its normal state is even easier than starting that mode. Just press the Home button on the front of your phone and everything will stop moving. If you deleted of moved apps, pressing the Home button will save the changes you've made.