How to Import Favorites to Microsoft Edge on Windows

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microsoft edge import favorites
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This tutorial is only intended for users running the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows.

As a Windows 10 user, you have the option to utilize a number of different Web browsers including the default Microsoft Edge. If you are a long-time user of Chrome, Firefox, Opera or another major browser who has recently switched over to Edge, you probably want your Bookmarks or Favorites to switch over with you.

Rather than manually create these Favorites all over again in Edge, it is much quicker and easier to use the browser's integrated import functionality. Importing your Favorites from one or more competing browsers can be achieved quickly and painlessly, and this article walks you through the process.

First, open your Edge browser. Click on the Hub menu button, represented by three horizontal lines of varying length and located to the right of the address bar. A pop-out window should now be displayed, containing Edge's Favorites. Select the Import favorites link.

You will now be prompted to select one or more browsers that you wish to import Bookmarks/Favorites from. To select a source browser, place a check mark next to its name by clicking on it once. To exclude a browser from the import process, remove the check mark next to its name by doing the same. The options available here will vary depending on which browsers you have installed as well as which applications are supported by Edge's import functionality.

After you have selected the desired browsers, click on the Import button to initiate the transfer. Once complete, you will see a message stating All done!. Shortcuts to your most frequently visited websites should now be available within Edge's Favorites interface.