How Do I Disable a Device in Device Manager in Windows?

Disable an Enabled Device in Windows 7, Vista, & XP

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Disabling a hardware device listed in Device Manager is useful if you'd like Windows to ignore the piece hardware. Most users that choose to disable a device do so because they suspect that the hardware is causing some kind of problem.

Once disabled, Windows will no longer assign system resources to the device and no software on your computer will be able to use the device.

"How Do I Disable a Device in Device Manager in Windows?"

You can disable a device from the device's Properties in Device Manager.

The detailed steps involved in disabling a device in Device Manager vary depending on which Windows operating system you're using:

See What Version of Windows Do I Have? if you're not sure which of those several versions of Windows is installed on your computer.

Note: After disabling a device, it will be marked by a black arrow in Device Manager. A disabled device will also generate a Code 22 error in Device Manager.

Note: Enabling a device in Device Manager is just as easy as disabling it.

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