Help Switch

The help switch is the /? option that provides help information about a command.

While the help command is not available with every command, the /? is, providing the same level of helpful information. The help switch is available with Command Prompt commands, DOS commands, and Recovery Console commands.

With most commands, the help switch takes precedence over other options used with the command and will prevent the command from executing.

For example, executing either format /? or format a: /? (or any use of the format command) will display the command's help information only.

Note: The net commands have a special help switch, /help or /h, which is equivalent to using /? with other commands. See net help for more information.

Also Known As: help option, help command switch, question switch, question option

Examples: "I wasn't sure how to use the format command to format an old drive to FAT32 so I used the help switch with the command to see how I should do it."