GeometriCam Tutorial: Stormtrooper

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Pedro Costa, Stormtroopers, and GeometriCam

The Final Outcome: Stormtroopers. Pedro Costa

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator from Porto, Portugal. Since 2011 I’ve been working professionally in different areas like branding, editorial design, web design, video and motion graphics, product design and illustration. Lately I'm working exclusively for Bodyboard, Surf and Snow industry.

I discovered mobile editing a couple of years ago and I'm completely addicted to it. It’s become my hobby and a platform for experimentation, a way to express myself out of commercial world without any barrier. I don't follow a specific style, I just like to put my ideas and concepts out; sometimes the images and the apps guide me to create something that I normally wouldn't do - but that's the beauty of experimenting!

GeometriCam is a great app. It’s easy to work with and super intuitive. You can import photos and videos from your camera roll or shoot them directly from the app. The front camera captures high resolution images and that’s another great feature! What I love more about this app is that, using geometric elements, it gives a "organic plasticity" to the images. A regular environment can be transformed into something really cool and this is very easy to achieve using only the app.

Following is the process of STORMTROOPER: for this image I used the GeometriCam, Union, Imaengine, Mextures and Photoforge2 apps on iPhone 6 (iOS 9.2).

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Step One

Image 1: Stormtrooper. Pedro Costa

I took a picture of my Stormtrooper toy with the native camera app. 

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Step Two

Image 2. Pedro Costa

I created a custom preset in GeometriCam and exported several images with different grid sizes. I used the Layout tool to resize the cells so as to snap the grid to the edge of the frame. This was essential to ensure that all the exported image matched the same alignment and angle. 

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Step 3

Image 3. Pedro Costa

Using the Union app I blended all the images from the previous step using shapes in the mask mode. Then I blended the original image using multiply mode to reveal the blacks. 

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Step Four

Image 4. Pedro Costa

Using the Imaengine app I created a silhouette of the original image. Then in the Union app I blended some details to create an organic look and add some definition of the outline. 

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Step Five

Image 5. Pedro Costa

Back to GeometriCam, I made a new image just to have some horizontal lines. Again in the Union app I blended small parts of this image to create some movement. 

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Step Six

Image 6. Pedro Costa

Using the Star Wars logo, in the Union app I blended it several times in screen mode in order to reveal the white and some transparency. I also added my signature logo. 

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Step Seven

Image 7. Pedro Costa

In the Mextures app I used some formulas and exported a couple of images to create different textures and colors.

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Step Eight

Image 8: Final. Pedro Costa

I used the Photoforge2 app (no more available in the App Store) to blend the images and to create the correct tone and texture that I desired. 


This is Part 3 of 3 for the GeometriCam series.  GeometriCam is a one of a  kind app that let's its user create amazing images beyond that which is the typical Instagram or social media post.  

It takes great vision to create in the name of art.  GeometriCam is a great vehicle to use for creating the art and following with your vision.

Big thanks to Gary Edward Blum, Pedro Costa, and GeometriCam's mastermind - Giuseppe Capozzo.  Make sure you go and get this app and once you are ready with your imagery - tag #geometricam to include into the social media galleries.

Website / App Store $1,99 / Instagram / Twitter