How to Export Your AIM Mail or AOL Mail Contacts

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Get your address book data out of AOL Mail and into any email program or service.

They Are Your Contacts After All

It is wonderful how all my contacts have gathered in AIM Mail.

Now, I'd like to convene them in Outlook, or Mozilla Thunderbird, for example.

Fortunately, exporting from the AIM Mail and AOL Mail address book is easy. A number of file formats make let you import the contacts into most email programs and services, either directly or through a translating program.

Export Your AIM Mail or AOL Mail Contacts

To save your AIM Mail or AOL Mail address book to a file:

  1. Select Contacts in the AIM Mail or AOL Mail folder list.
  2. Click TOOLS in the contacts toolbar.
  3. Click Export.
  4. Choose the desired file format under File Type:.
    • CSV is used by many email programs and services. You can import contacts from CSV files into Outlook and Gmail, for example.
    • TXT makes it easier to view exported contacts in a text editor as columns are aligned with tabulators. For address book migration, CSV and LDIF are usually better, though.
    • LDIF is a data format used for address exchange. It can be used with LDAP servers and Mozilla Thunderbird, for example; for most other email programs and services, CSV is the better choice.
  5. Click Export.

What Fields and Contact Details Will Be Included in the Exported CSV File?

AIM Mail and AOL Mail will export all the fields a contact can have in your address book to the CSV (or plain text or LDIF) file.

This includes the first and last names, AIM nickname, phone numbers, street addresses and, of course, all email addresses.

(Updated April 2016)