7 Essential Google Mobile Apps

Download These Google Apps for Your iOS or Android Device

What in the world would we do without Google? A lot of us use it every day to answer questions through search queries, find directions to a particular location with Google Maps and organize documents with Google Docs.

These days, it’s becoming more important to have access to all our tools and information on our mobile devices as well. Got an iPhone, Android or iPad device? Here are some essential Google mobile apps you might want to download.

Google Search

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Even if your mobile device’s default web browser has a search bar built into it, it’s nice to have the native Google Search app installed to streamline all your searches across your Google account and remember any previous searches you made. If you already have an Android device, you likely don’t need to worry about installing the app since it should be built right into the operating system. Here’s the link to it on Google Play and on iTunes for iOS devices.

Google Maps

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Mobile devices and location-based apps were made for each other. If you don’t have the best mapping app installed on your smartphone, how are you even getting around without it? Save yourself the trouble of getting lost and asking someone for directions the old fashioned way by downloading Google Maps for iPhone and of course for Android if you don’t have it already.


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If you have a Google account, and most people do, you likely have a Gmail webmail account as well. Although most people love Gmail and use it frequently, not everyone uses it. If you don’t use it at all, you probably don’t need to download it. If you do, you’ll definitely want to have the great Gmail app installed on your device. Get it here for iPhone/iPad or for Android.


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Whether you like to watch videos on your mobile device or not, it’s always useful to have YouTube installed anyway. Even if you don’t watch videos on your phone, any search query could pull up a result for a video, and more often than not, it’s from YouTube. If you have the YouTube app installed, it will trigger the YouTube app when you select a video to watch from search results. Get it here for iPhone/iPad or for Android.

Google Earth

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It’s one thing to have Google Maps, and if you use it a lot, you can get a more realistic view of almost any location with the Google Earth mobile app. Google Earth offers you high-quality digital imagery of roads, buildings, major landmarks, trails and more. Having it installed on your phone is pretty useful for when you want an actual of a specific place while on the go. Get it for iPhone/iPad or for Android.

Google Chrome

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Not so satisfied with your current mobile web browser? Why not give Chrome a try? If you already use Chrome as your preferred web browser on a regular computer, it might actually make a lot of sense to start using it from your mobile device as well, mainly because it syncs up all your stuff across your account. Get it for iPhone/iPad and of course for Android.

Google Drive

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Google Drive is Google’s very own cloud storage service. It’s free, and very useful if you’re a big fan of Google Docs, Gmail and other Google tools. You can use it to store files, documents, photos and anything you want so it can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. Some people prefer Dropbox or iCloud, but Google Drive measures up quite well in comparison. You can get it for iPhone/iPad or for Android.