Cherry MX 6.0 Keyboard Overview

Cherry MX 6.0
Cherry MX 6.0. Image courtesy of Cherry

While most of us are content with simple computer peripherals — going wireless might be the most extreme you get — there are some others who require high-performance computer accessories. Whether it’s for work or gaming, there are many who don’t mind spending the dollars it takes to step up the expectations.

Catering to these people is ZF Electronic Systems, the owner of the Cherry brand. ZF calls the Cherry MX 6.0 mechanical keyboard the “world’s most responsive performance keyboard for high productivity and efficiency.” While these claims haven’t been verified, Cherry keyboards are well-known for being extraordinarily speedy and reliable.

Its switches, the little metal pieces behind the keys, are so highly rated that they’re used in other brands’ keyboards as well. The switches in the MX 6.0 are promised a lifespan of more than 50 million presses.

The company noted in a press release announcing the new device:  “With this flagship model, Cherry aims for an absolute purist design to achieve responsiveness of the highest magnitude and a comfort level unsurpassed by any other keyboard.”

(That is certainly some high praise.)

The upper portion of the MX 6.0 is made of aluminum (with a “sanded finish). It’s also coated in a material meant to repel greasy fingers and palms. In terms of total dimensions, the MX 6.0 measures 17.9 inches by 5.8 inches by 1.1 inch.  

This is a wired keyboard (as are all true mechanical keyboards), and it comes with a 6.5-foot braided USB cable. It also has a detachable rubberized palm rest that attaches via mounting magnets.

As someone who has often struggled with those frustrating plastic clips on keyboards, this sounds like a truly innovative idea.

They MX 6.0 keyboard uses Cherry’s RealKey technology and its MX switches, a combination that is meant to connect all of the keys directly to the controller and eliminating any lag.

According to the company, the keyboard can transmit signals to a computer in less than a millisecond, vs, traditional mechanical keyboards that require 20 milliseconds of response time. As such, this keyboard is meant for anyone who truly can’t afford to deal with lags, such as gamers or transcriptionists.

RealKey technology allows for a full N-key rollover and a reported 100 percent anti-ghosting. This means that even if you press multiple keys at once, they will all be registered. (This particular skill set is not one that’s found on most standard, entry-level keyboards. If you’re curious if yours can do this, try pressing multiple keys at once. You’ll most likely tap out somewhere between 4-8 keys.)  

The letters on each key are laser etched on, ensuring they won’t wear off, and each one has a red LED in the switch for a backlighting effect. There is also brightness control for the light.

A few other details: The MX 6.0 comes with a configurable Windows key, status keys in two different colors, and 12 function keys that can each be assigned two different tasks.

Unsurprisingly, the MX 6.0 has a pretty hefty price: $219 Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. While this may seem outrageous to the person still using the keyboard that came his computer, it may be money worth spent on a powerful, high-performance computer peripheral.

(And, as always, don't forget that you can usually find the product at a price that's lower than the MSRP with a little hunting around.) This site has reviewed mechanical keyboards in the past and found them to be quite remarkable in operation, although clearly designated for a specific person.

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