How to Change Facebook Language to English

There are more than 70 Different Languages Available

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It's easy to change the language on Facebook to English or any other language. Facebook offers more than 70 different languages to choose from.

The Facebook language settings menu is accessible in several places on the network.

At the bottom left of most pages, Facebook displays your current language being displayed. Click on the name of the language -- "English," for example -- to change it to a different language.

A pop-up box will appear with all the possible languages. Click the language you want, and your Facebook pages will be translated into that language.

Alternatively, you can click the top right corner under "Account Settings" on Facebook. One of the many settings that will appear is "Language." Click the "Edit" button next to "Language" and then select one from the list of languages that appears.

How to Change your Facebook Language to Pirate English

One of the fun options on Facebook is Pirate English as a language choice. Basically, if you select "English (Pirate)" from the pop-up list of language options, your labels on various pages will change into pirate lingo, such as "sea dogs" and "wenches" in place of "friends."

It will look funny to you, but rest assured, no one else will see it. Facebook's fun pirate talk only appears for those who have changed their language setting to Pirate English, others won't see it unless they also change their settings.

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