The 8 Best Xbox One War Games to Buy in 2017

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The Fallout series tells us “War never changes”, but Metal Gear Solid says, “War has changed." We’re not sure which one is right, but we do know that war games on Xbox One are a ton of fun. Whether you want a war game that features a battlefront among the stars, or one that's set in current day, the near future, or even ancient Rome, we have you covered. Read on for the eight best war games on Xbox One.

The best sci-fi war game on Xbox One has to go to the war that spans a whole galaxy: Star Wars Battlefront. From the classic Star Wars trilogy on Hoth and the forest moon of Endor to the new maps on Sullest and Tatooine, Battlefront features epic ground battles. Game modes include standard team deathmatch and capture the flag, but also interesting variants like Droid Run where you play king of the hill with a droid that wanders around the map.

There are also massive modes with up to 40 players such as the Walker Assault mode where the rebels have to defend a base from attacking Imperial AT-ATs. All of these modes feature dozens of players running around on the ground, AT-STs stomping around and even players dogfighting overhead in TIE Fighters and A-Wings. But our personal favorite mode takes place entirely in the skies as you pilot X-Wings and other rebel craft against TIE Fighters in an entirely air-based deathmatch mode.

All in all, Battlefront does a surprisingly great job of really feeling like a very intense Star Wars battle right from the movies.

Sniper Elite III puts you in the role of a sniper in the North African campaign of World War II. This is not a run-and-gun game where you soak up a lot of punishment while running around a battlefield, though. 

This game is designed to be realistic, which means you die incredibly easily if you aren’t careful. Instead, you have to sneak around and either avoid enemies or take them out silently while you seek out your high priority Nazi targets. When you find your target, timing your rifle shot to coincide with a backfiring generator or other sound to mask the gunshot is vital. Once the target is down, you then have to sneak out of the area for extraction.

It is an extremely intense experience as you line up your shot, but also extremely satisfying as kill shots are rewarded with gruesome slow motion X-rays showing the devastating path of the bullet through your target.  Sniper Elite III is brutal, raw, gritty and realistic, but also pretty darn fun if you have the patience for it.

Taking place roughly forty years in the future, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare tells a story where private military contractors, not countries, are in charge of protecting the world. What happens, then, when the biggest and most powerful PMC is also in on the terrorist attacks they’re supposedly protecting everyone from? Those are the bare basics of the story in Advanced Warfare, but it really sounds like something that could just as easily be happening right now, not in 40-years.

Despite the future setting, the weaponry you use isn’t much different from the typical SMGs, shotguns and assault rifles we’ve come to expect in Call of Duty, but it does feature some nifty gadgets such as enemy-seeking grenades and an exoskeleton suit that lets you boost jump and climb all over the map.

The single-player campaign is one of the better COD recent campaigns, and the multiplayer – both online or offline with CPU bots – is absolutely fantastic. If you’d like to take a look at the potential future of warfare, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is easy to recommend.

If scurrying around on the ground as a foot soldier isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps World of Tanks might be a better choice for a war game.  World of Tanks is an online multiplayer-only game where players battle it out exclusively in tank-on-tank combat.

There are currently 390 different tanks available modeled after real-world units from the USSR, USA, Britain, Germany, France and more. The tanks range from World War 1 era all the way through the 1960s.  All of the tanks can be customized both for aesthetics as well as performance (and creating your own custom tank with all of the features you want – better rate of fire, more powerful shots, etc. – is a big part of the fun.

The gameplay is sort of slow-paced, but that is what you’d expect from older tank models like this. It has such a different pacing and feel from every other online shooter, which is part of its appeal.

When normal soldiers and standard weapons aren't enough to get the job done in the war between a soulless corporation and colonial militia on a distant world, Titanfall allows you to call down a giant Titan robot to help out. These Titans are massive and powerful, but surprisingly nimble and well-armed (and their presence on the battlefield can dramatically change the course of action).

Titanfall is a refreshing take on online multiplayer warfare because it is surprisingly complex. You start out as a normal soldier on the ground, but after two-minutes you can drop a Titan. You aren’t helpless while you’re waiting for your Titan, however, as you have a jet pack and wall-running abilities that allow you to climb up and over and around anything on the map so you can attack other players and Titans from pretty much any angle. It makes the matches really fast, frantic and amazingly dynamic as players and Titans can really use every square inch of the map, both horizontally and vertically.

Titanfall doesn’t have any sort of single-player offline content, unfortunately, as it is a multiplayer-only game, but you can find it for a more than fair price these days. Plus, you get to pilot awesome giant robots, which counts for a lot in our book.

Most war games have you on the frontlines of massive battles between two large forces, but Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, drops you behind enemy lines as a single soldier that has to complete missions (mostly) alone. You'll play as Metal Gear Solid series' hero, Snake, and infiltrate enemy bases in Afghanistan and a chunk of the African savannah during the 1980s.

Missions can be accomplished multiple ways and you have a wide range of both lethal and non-lethal weaponry available, including pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and rocket launchers. You can also call for new equipment and even vehicles to be air-dropped to you during a mission.

Although this is the latest in a long line of Metal Gear games, you don’t really need to know the backstory to have a great time with MGSV. As a single-player war sandbox, Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain is truly incredible.

Not all war games have to feature guns, of course. Ryse: Son of Rome tells the story of a fictional Roman general named Marius Titus during ancient Rome’s real conquest of barbarian tribes in Europe. Marius’ family is killed and afterwards he rises through the ranks of the XIV Legion to get his revenge.

Gameplay consists of basic sword and shield combat as you hack and slash your way through armies of barbarians and other enemies. Not only does Ryse offer satisfying gameplay, but it is still one of the best looking games on Xbox One, with incredible-looking characters detailed right down to the metal plates on a Centurions armor. Ancient Rome has never looked this good in a game.

For a more current day war experience, you can’t do better on Xbox One than Battlefield 4. The game features three factions – the United States, Russia, and China – fighting for world supremacy. While the game does feature a brief single-player campaign, the real appeal of Battlefield 4 comes in the massive large-scale multiplayer battles with up to 64 players.

The maps the game take place on are huge in size so they can accommodate a high number of players. And you can turn the fight in your favor with tanks, APCs, helicopters, boats and even jet fighters. The levels themselves can also go through “Levolution” where, when requirements are met, the map actually changes. These levolutions cause underground pipes to explode (which creates a trench in the street), levees to break or skyscrapers to be destroyed.

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