The Best Torrent Sites of 2016: Alternatives to KAT

Favorite Torrent Sites of Readers

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There are indeed good torrent alternatives to K.A.T. and the Pirate Bay. This following slide show lists the top-rated torrent sites, as recommended by our readers.

NOTE: this list is in random order. Special thanks to all the readers who contribute their recommendations so that this list stays current.

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RARBG gets thumbs up from multiple readers, who describe this as an excellent site for serious P2P users. The files have fewer seeds than other search sites, but the quality of the files at RARBG far outstrips the competition.

If you are lucky enough to get a membership at this site, take your membership responsibilities seriously, as this is quite the exclusive club. Definitely visit and decide for yourself if you like the torrent quality they offer there.

WARNING: you will be inundated with adult advertising at this site.


Demonoid. screenshot

Demonoid:  this private membership community has resurrected itself at domain names and Some of you will remember how Demonoid was a very popular and trusted place to get files and stay informed on which torrents to avoid.  Let's see if Demonoid can regain the same eminence at this new server site!

WARNING: you will be inundated with adult advertising at this site.


Torlock. screenshot /

Torlock: Torlock is special. These folks actually pay their users commission for uncovering fake torrents and reporting it to their community. In a world of phony files, this is a tremendous service. If you are a regular downloader, and are tired of wasted downloads and fraudulent files, give Torlock a try. 


Boxopus. screenshot /

Boxopus: Boxopus is like, a 3rd party cloud downloader.  The service does charge $1.50 to use for a week, or $50 for a year.  If you want to integrate with Dropbox, then you'll need to look elsewhere, as Dropbox has blocked Boxopus torrents. But there are some very convenient features here that some readers really rave about.  The price is actually very reasonable if you plan your downloads so that you can use the week-long access to its maximum.


LimeTorrents. screenshot

LimeTorrents: LimeTorrents looks like most other torrent sites: tabular lists of torrents, with girly advertising in the sidebars. But LimeTorrents does have a growing database of of millions of torrents, and multiple readers speak highly of the quality of seeds in the Lime catalog. LimeTorrents has also earned the infamy of being sued by LionsGate for leaking recent movies.


SeedPeer. screenshot / SeedPeer is a very large database of over 3 million torrent files. The search interface is simple, and the keyword cloud map helps as a discovery means to find interesting movies, tv shows, and music artists. Fans speak very highly of SeedPeer, so do consider trying it out. 

8 Cloud Downloader

Bitport Cloud Torrent Downloader
Bitport Cloud Torrent Downloader. screenshot / this is an excellent newer 3rd party service in the Czech Republic.  They don't give you torrents, but instead will download torrents for you onto their own private servers. Once your large files are transferred to them, you then log on and download the completed file directly to your computer.  The free version allows 100MB per hour transfer.  You can subscribe to get faster transfer speeds.  Bitport is an excellent service, and considering the risks that they incur, the small $5/month fee is an excellent value for the customer. 

9 screenshot / Isohunt is reborn!  After being shut down by the MPAA on October 17, 2013, Isohunt has been resurrected with a new domain name in a new country.  Please support this longtime champion of P2P file sharing!