Apps for You Selfie Takers

I have to do it.  I have to still write about selfies. Mobile photography is all encompassing and this genre is able to check off every aspect of this great artform.

Although the statistics say that #Selfies are on the decline, in no way is that true in the real world I travel or live. It seems that selfies are still going strong and folks are really trying to hone their selfie skills and take it to the next level.

Much like every other aspect of mobile photography, a good selfie (even a bad selfie really) does not need to be taken by a big camera with studio lighting by a professional camera then professionally post processed.  But this does not mean you should abide by those “no need” rules.  Taking a self-portrait, aka selfie, should be done with some pride in my honest opinion.  There are a bunch of selfie apps, selfie accessories – really anything you can imagine to get you to become a selfie pro.

For this article, I’m going to go over a few apps for you to consider on your journey to become the self-proclaimed selfie king or queen of your social community!

CamMe is a free app that acts like a remote.  It lets you take selfies with simple hand gestures.  For example, let’s say you open the app, set your iPhone on a shelf, stand in front of it, and raise your hand and it will activate the app to initiate selfie taking time.

Once you are ready, close your hand into a fist and the app’s timer will engage.  Three seconds later and selfie pose chosen, BAM – selfie completed.

There are other features in the app but for the purpose of this article we will just limit it to the selfie features.

FlashSelf is the app equivalent to a product that I put in my last Mobile Photography Holiday Gift Guide, Lumee Selfie Light.

The app will cost you $1 and is basic but it serves its purpose.  That purpose is to produce a selfie that is taken in low light situations and when you forgot your Lumee back at home.  The app provides an amazingly bright screen and with that boost in light in low light situations helps you take selfies without using the horrid flash on your smart phone.

Facetune is a $4 app that may be a bit expensive but for those of you who want to attain the fashion magazine stylings on your itty bitty smart phone.  The app helps in retouching your selfie before you post to the world.  It offers retouching options that include skin smoothing, red-eye correction, blemish removal, and color airbrushing – and all done with the easy screen swipe on all smart phones.  Facetune gives you the most control out of all the fixer upper apps out there.  It’s subtle with its edits (or not totally up to the user) and is precise with its edit features.  Truth be told, this app can be used for non-selfie takers as well.  The blemish removal is pretty powerful and I know that it has been recommended to me more than once for spot removal in my mobile photography.

Lastly, Selfie is the social network for all you selfie takers – and its FREE.

  That’s all it is.  IT’s perfect for some of you on Instagram who post too many selfies – you know who you are.  It works just like any other social network – post your selfies, see your friends selfies, ask what post process your friends did on their selfies, share what post edits you did on yours, share your app process, gain followers, check selfies from around the world at any time – the list is endless right?!?!

You can use an old selfie on your camera roll.  You can take a new one within the Selfie app.  You can add filters from inside the app to your selfie.  You can create a selfie collage.

  I mean really, it’s like the social network that is perfect for this genre of mobile photography.