Backup Status Alerts

What are Backup Status Alerts?

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What are Backup Status Alerts?

Backup status alerts are notifications about the backup that is going on, or is complete, or is about to start, etc.

Some online backup services generate these alerts from the web-account side only, meaning it's not a true part of the backup software you're using.

In those cases, a backup status "alert" is really just a daily or weekly rundown of your online backup.

Other cloud backup services offer more extensive alerting.

For example, some show a pop-up from the backup software, others send emails as often as you'd like, still others will even tweet directly to you when your backup is complete.

The weekly rundown emails are far more common these days, partly because most online backup services check for, and then back up, on a near-continuous basis.

Who wants email alerts, auto-tweets, or pop-ups every 45 seconds? Not me.

You can see which of my favorite cloud backup services support what kinds of alerts in my online backup comparison chart.