AT&T - No-Contract GoPhone Pick Your Plan Options

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Monthly Price:

  • $29.99,
  • $39.99,
  • $49.99 or
  • $69.99

  • Note: These AT&T GoPhone Pick Your Plan options do not require an annual service contract, credit check or deposit. You do pay in advance once per month. As another option, you can pay in advance whenever you want with AT&T GoPhone Pay as You Go.

    Anytime Minutes:

  • Up to 200 for $29.99
  • Up to 300 for $39.99
  • Up to 400 for $49.99
  • Up to 650 for $69.99
  • Cost Per Minute:

  • 15 cents per minute for 200-minute, $29.99 plan
  • 13.3 cents per minute for 300-minute, $39.99 plan
  • 12.5 cents per minute for 400-minute, $49.99 plan
  • 10.8 cents per minute for 650-minute, $69.99 plan
  • Night & Weekend Minutes:

  • None with 200-minute, $29.99 plan
  • 500 with 300-minute, $39.99 plan
  • 3,000 with 400-minute, $49.99 plan
  • Unlimited with 650-minute, $69.99 plan
  • Data, Messaging & More:

    AT&T says about these plans: “[Your] number of minutes is based on entire account balance being used for voice calls. Use of balance for data, text messaging, directory assistance, ringtones or other items will affect the number of minutes available.” Various messaging and data packages are available, too.

    Rollover Minutes:

    AT&T Rollover minutes are included on all plans

    Note: AT&T Rollover minutes are unused anytime minutes that carry over from month to month for up to 12 wireless billing cycles.

    Mobile-to-Mobile Minutes:

  • 15 cents per minute with 200-minute, $29.99 plan
  • Unlimited with 300-minute, $39.99 plan
  • Unlimited with 400-minute, $49.99 plan
  • Unlimited with 650-minute, $69.99 plan
  • Nationwide Long Distance:

    Included on all plans


    No roaming fees on all plans

    Taxes & Other Fees:

    AT&T says about these plans: “In many jurisdictions, certain fees or taxes will be debited monthly from your account balance as allowed by law.

    State and federal universal service charges, taxes, fees and other surcharges will be imposed on top of your monthly payment.”

    Published On:

    Oct. 11, 2008

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