What is an AMR File?

How to Open, Edit, & Convert AMR Files

AMR Files
AMR Files.

A file with the AMR file extension is an Adaptive Multi-Rate ACELP Codec file. ACELP is a human speech audio compression algorithm that stands for Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction.

Therefore, Adaptive Multi-Rate is a compression technology used for encoding audio files that are primarily speech-based like for cell phone voice recordings and VoIP applications.

To reduce bandwidth usage when there isn't any audio playing in the file, the AMR format uses technologies like Discontinuous Transmission (DTX), Comfort Noise Generation (CNG), and Voice Activity Detection (VAD).

AMR files are saved in one of two formats depending on the range of frequency: either AMR-WB (Wideband) or AMR-NB (Narrowband).

Note: Some Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) files may instead use the .3GA file extension.

How To Open an AMR File

Many popular audio/video players like VLC, AMR Player, MPC-HC, and QuickTime will play AMR files. Audacity is mainly an audio editor but it does support playing AMR files, and so, of course, it has the added benefit of letting you edit the AMR audio as well.

Some Apple, Android, and BlackBerry devices create AMR files too, and so they should be able to play them without a special app. For example, some BlackBerry devices use the AMR format to record voice recordings but the BlackBerry 10, specifically, cannot play AMR files.

Note: If your file doesn't open with one of the programs I mentioned above, you might be misreading the file extension and confusing something like an AMC file with an AMR file.

AMC files share a couple of the same file extension letters as AMR, so it can be easy to mix up the two, but AMC files are AMC Video files. Other similar looking file extensions include AML, AM, AMV, AMS, and AMF.

How To Convert an AMR File

If the AMR file is pretty small, I recommend using a free online file converter.

The best online AMR converter is probably FileZigZag because it can convert the file to MP3, WAV, M4A, AIFF, FLAC, AAC, OGG, WMA, and other formats without having to download the software to your computer.

Another option for converting an AMR file is media.io. Like FileZigZag, media.io runs entirely in your web browser. Just upload the AMR file, tell it the format you want it to be converted to, and then download the new file to your computer.

In addition to AMR Player from above, which can not only play but also convert AMR files, is a handful of other AMR converters that can be downloaded: Free Audio Converter Software Programs.

Tip: One program mentioned in those downloadable AMR converters is Freemake Audio Converter, but the company that delivers that program also makes one called Freemake Video Converter. I mention this program because while it is mainly considered a video file converter, it does also support the AMR format. Downloading it may prove to be beneficial in the future if you ever need to convert a video file.

More Help with AMR Files

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