Add Facebook Applications to Your Facebook Profile

From Pet Rescue to Zombies

Add any one of these Facebook applications to your Facebook profile to add flair and lots of fun for all who visit. Facebook applications can be anything from virtual pets and aquariums to having the ability to turn your Facebook friends into zombies.  

Facebook Fluff Friends
Facebook Fluff Friends. Facebook

Facebook is adding more and more Facebook applications to their social networking site all the time. This one is both cute and inspiring.

You can certainly post photos of cuddly animals. But, Fluff Friends Rescue exists because puppies and kittens need your help - they need rescuing. Create your perfect pet rescue paradise and help lost pets in need of a loving home! More »

Twitter Tab for Facebook
Twitter Tab for Facebook

The TwitterTab adds your Twitter feed to a tab on your profile and gives you three viewing options: a running list of your tweets, filtering out retweets only or viewing who you follow in a block of icons.

There are a number of other Twitter applications available on Facebook—some let you Tweet from Facebook and include additional features—but many are buggy. TwitterTab appears to have the simplest interface and is easy to set up. This app is free, but with the paid version you can upgrade your account to include a custom background. More »

Gardens of Time for Facebook
Gardens of Time for Facebook

Gardens of Time is a stunning hidden object game. Recently named the most popular game on Facebook, millions of players are already hooked on finding hidden objects in scenic locations throughout history. The vivid palette of the game’s unique hidden object scenes will whisk you away on an exciting time-traveling journey! More »

Instead of just having you fill out the usual fields such as activities, interests and favorite music, Extended Info lets you think up additional fields for your profile.

Personalize your profile and include fields such as: currently reading, career goals or proudest accomplishment.   More »