What is an ACV File?

How to Open, Edit, & Convert ACV Files

Screenshot of the ACV file icon used with Adobe Photoshop

A file with the ACV file extension is an Adobe Curve file that Adobe Photoshop uses to store custom RBG colors that have been adjusted with the Curves tool.

Adobe Photoshop stores default ACV files in its installation folder at \Adobe\Adobe Photoshop <version>\Presets\Curves\, but you can make custom ones and store them elsewhere through Photoshop's Image > Adjustments > Curves... menu.

Photoshop also uses the similar AMP file format for storing the same data found in ACV files, but you're able to draw the curve yourself instead of adjust the line you're given in the Curves tool.

If you're sure the ACV file you have has nothing to do with Photoshop, it may instead be an OS/2 Audio Driver file.

How To Open an ACV File

ACV files are created and opened with Adobe Photoshop through its Image > Adjustments > Curves... menu option. Choose the small button near the top of the Curves window in Photoshop to select either Save Preset... or Load Preset..., to make or open an ACV file.

You can also open an ACV file by saving it in Photoshop's installation directory. This will list the ACV file along with the other presets in the Curves tool. If you're importing multiple Adobe Curve files at once, this is the best way to do it.

Tip: If you have an ACV file that you're positive isn't used with Photoshop, I recommend opening it with Notepad++. Doing it this way lets you see the file as a text file. If you look through the text, you might be able to find some key words that help you determine what program was used to create the ACV file, which is normally all you need to find the program that's capable of opening it.

OS/2 stands for Operating System/2, so an ACV that's an OS/2 Audio Driver file is an audio driver used in that operating system. It's highly unlikely that your ACV file is of this format. Frankly, if it is, you probably knew that already.

Note: Several other file types use a file extension that's very similar to .ACV, so if your file doesn't open with Adobe Photoshop's Curves tool, make sure you're not misreading the extension.

Some other Photoshop file types that are similar include ACB, ACF, ACO, and ACT files, but none of them open in the same way as ACV files. Other similarly named, but non-Photoshop file extensions include AC3, SCV, ASV, and CVX.

Again, chances are the ACV file you have is associated with Adobe Photoshop. However, if that's not the case, or if some other program tries to open ACV files by default, and you want to change this, it's very easy to do. See How To Change File Associates in Windows for help.

How To Convert an ACV File

Common file types like DOCX and PDF are often converted to other formats using a free file converter, but ACV files don't really serve a purpose outside of the context of Adobe Photoshop, so there's no need to convert an ACV file to any other format.

More Help With ACV Files

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