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About Us

Who We Are

We are EU based consultancy company with focus in cutting edge techologies which helps our customer to deliver products to market in shorter time frame.

What We Do

Main focus is to provide our services in areas: linux kernel, BSP, building images using Yocto and application development.

Why Choose Us

We have multiple positive references from our customers which was pleasure to work with. Would you like to use our services - please contact us.

Our Services

Board Support

We can create for your custom board board support package consist from bootloader support and linux kernel with support for all necessary peripherials. Peripherial not yet supported in linux kernel, no problem we can write driver.

App Development

Need to extend your team with external member to help with application development. We can help with C, C++, bash, python and others.


Have BSP and need to create bootable image with all necessary libraries, binaries and custom applications in one image. Let's us to create yocto layers for your project.

Embedded development

Want to have small uProcessor without OS or with custom os to run your application (IoT, gateway ...) let's us to help you also in this areaa.

Meet the Team


Marek Beliško


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Ruská Nová Ves 219,
Prešov 08005, SLOVAKIA


+421 915 052 184

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